Creepy Crawlies & Flying Wonders: Incredible Cave Creatures

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Cave Temple Myanmar

Credit: Liz Price.

The entrance to Saddan Cave, a temple cave in Myanmar.

The caves of Southeast Asia are among the largest and most spectacular in the world. From Laos to…Read More »

Myanmar to Vietnam, the caves entice explorers with their promise of adventure — and plenty of surprises in the darkness.

Liz Price, an adventurer, researcher and writer based in Southeast Asia has made caving her life's work, and has spent countless hours exploring every last corner of the region's subterranean labyrinths. See some of the incredible creatures she has encountered in her explorations, from the expected (bats) to the unsettling (amazingly large insects).

These hardy creatures pass their lives in near-darkness. Survival means finding food wherever you can, and in these wild caves, the predator can become the preyed upon in the blink of a well-adapted eye.   Less «
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