Dan Levitt

Dan Levitt


Dan Levitt is the author of "What's Gotten Into You: The Story of Your Body's Atoms, from the Big Bang Through Last Night's Dinner." In the Peace Corps in Kenya, Dan taught high school physics, biology, and world history in a remote village. Living close to Mount Kilimanjaro, walking by anthills as tall as people, and seeing snakes, hippos, and other wildlife, gave him an intense curiosity about the natural world. He returned to Philadelphia to take a job developing exhibits and videos at the Franklin Institute Science Museum. That led to an interest in documentary filmmaking. 

After getting an MFA, Dan moved to Boston and started his career writing, producing and directing documentaries for Discovery, Science, National Geographic, History, HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute), and others. His work has received numerous awards including two Cine-Golden Eagles, Emmy award nominations, and the coveted Spur Award for script writing from the Western Writers of America.

While dreaming up films, Dan was seized by an idea for a book and decided to go for it. "What's Gotten Into You," published by HarperCollins is his first book.

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