'Why I'm Marching': Photos from the March for Science in D.C.

Team T. rex

(Image credit: Mindy Weisberger/Live Science)

Emily Hoff, Zak Martellucci, Dustin Growick, New York City.

Emily Hoff: "I'm here to show the world that science really does matter."

Zak Martellucci: "We're here to fight for science!"

Dustin Growick: "We're here today because I can't think of a better place to be to represent what we believe in."

Science is important

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Tim Ayres, Arlington Texas. "I'm a mechanical engineer and I work in the aerospace industry. And I'm here because science is incredibly important to every aspect of our society."

Marching for her

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Paul Gloor, Grosse Ile, Michigan. "I'm a Ph.D. chemical engineer, and I'm here because I want to protect the world for my granddaughter, who's in the photograph. Because we need to be basing our policies on facts and science."

Fighting for Fins

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Rachel Crum, northern Virginia. "I'm the founder of Fighting for Fins. We're a charity program that raises awareness for ocean conservation and shark conservation, and we're out here today to support the cause. The environment's declining and we need to do something about it."

Science supporters

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Peggy Amacker and Pad Murphy, Calvert County, Maryland. "We're marching to support science, and because I work with a lot of scientists," Murphy told Live Science.

The Everyday Astronaut

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Tim Dodd, AKA The Everyday Astronaut, Cedar Falls, Iowa. "I produce fun, funny and factual content to help inspire the next generation of space explorers, and I'm here to get people excited about exploring the cosmos."

Being supportive

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Molly Scott, Washington, DC. "I'm here because I support science and I don't support Trump."

Representing nursing science

(Image credit: Mindy Weisberger/Live Science)

Martha Hughes, Jeanne Zielieski, Penzin Chokkyi and Carly Cruz, Reading Pennysylvania. "We are here from Alvernia University from the nursing department, representing nursing science today, and advocating for public health," Cruz told Live Science.

Med student brainiac

(Image credit: Mindy Weisberger/Live Science)

Spencer Katz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "I'm now at medical school at Penn State Hershey, in Hershey, PA. I'm here to fight for science funding for both medical research and basic science that eventually informs medical research."

A personal reason to march

(Image credit: Mindy Weisberger/Live Science)

Bridget Carr, Jacksonville, Florida. "I'm here because I support the preservation and conservation efforts of science."

Steven Beck, Jacksonville, Florida. "I'm here because I have a personal interest in science, with my Type-1 diabetes."

Social responsibility

(Image credit: Mindy Weisberger/Live Science)

Judy Tischler and Arthur Tischler, Boston, Massachusetts. "I'm a physician and cancer researcher at Tufts Medical Center and Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston," Arthur Tischler told Live Science. "I'm a social worker, and therefore I'm very concerned about the impact of people taking responsibility for science," Judy Tischler said.

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