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Gone in a Flush: Motorized Toilet Sets Land Speed Record

Jolene Van Vugt setting the world record for the fastest toilet on May 2.
Jolene Van Vugt setting the world record for the fastest toilet on May 2. (Image credit: YouTube | nitrocircuslive)

Who knew toilets could reach such speeds — or such glory?

Canadian stunt woman Jolene Van Vugt set a world record Wednesday (May 2) by reaching the highest speed ever attained on a motorized toilet.

 the wheeled lavatory contraption hit a maximum speed of 46 mph (75km/h) within 100 meters, blowing the previous record of 42.25 mph (68 km/h), set last year in Italy by Edd China, out of the water.

Van Vugt, a motocross athlete who holds several other world records, went to Sydney to give the motorized toilet a whirl. Her ride launched the 2012 Nitro Circus Live Australian Capital City Tour, a stunt show and world-record-setting extravaganza.

"I flew into Australia yesterday and came out here to jump straight on the toilet," Van Vugt told the press. "That was so fun and I'm stoked to get the record."

Edd China riding the "Bog Standard," the previous "fastest toilet" record holder. (Image credit: YouTube tnrcommunications)

Though Guinness World Records hasn't yet issued a formal certificate of recognition, Van Vugt seems to have satisfied the record-keeping organization's requirements for breaking the toilet speed record. GWR guidelines specify that the maximum speeds of two 100-meter rides must be averaged together. [What If All of America's Toilets Were Flushed Simultaneously?]

As for what a qualifies as a "motorized toilet," the definition is somewhat loose. Edd China's contraption, called the "Bog Standard," was a motorcycle and sidecar replete with a full bathroom set, including a bathtub, sink, toilet and laundry bin. The go-cart-like mechanized toilet ridden by Van Vugt was hand built by Nitro Circus Live engineers.

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