World's Oldest Man Dies at 114

Walter Breuning, the oldest man in the world, died on April 14 at 114 years old. His secrets to living a long life include helping others, embracing change and keeping busy.

Breuning, who had no children, died of natural causes in a Great Falls, Mont., hospital. Before he was admitted into the hospital in April, Breuning lived at the Rainbow Senior Living retirement home, also in Great Falls.

Although Breuning was the oldest living man, he was the second-oldest living person, according to the Los Angeles-based Gerontology Research Group. Besse Cooper of Monroe, Ga., holds the title of the world's oldest person . Cooper was born 26 days before Breuning.

Last October, Breuning revealed his secrets to a long life . According to the Associated Press, he advised that people should help others, embrace change, not be afraid of dying, eat two meals a day and work as long as they can.

"Everybody says your mind is the most important thing about your body," Breuning said. "Your mind and your body. You keep both busy, and by God you'll be here a long time."

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