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Follow Fall: Where Leaves Are Changing Now
This view from Saddleback Mountain in Maine shows off some of the red maples for which the region is famous.
Credit: Jim Wilcox

The onset of fall means the arrival of cooler temperatures, shorter days and, of course, that beautiful fall foliage.

Maples, elms, oaks and other trees begin to turn their yellow, orange and red hues at different times depending on where they're located. The riot of colors begins first in the furthest reaches of forest in Canada, where fall's cool temperatures and decreased sunlight are felt first, and proceeds slowly southward throughout North America.

To help all you leaf peepers plan your trips to gaze at the spectacle we'll be keeping track of where the leaves are peaking, so check back at this page throughout the season for updates and images.

But while we're waiting for things to get started, here's when and where to expect the peaks:

  • Late September At this point, only pockets of New England and the Rockies will be at their peak.
  • Early October By now, much of the rest of the New England, portions of the Appalachians, the northern Great Lakes region and much of the Rockies.
  • Mid October This is the point at which most of the northern states, the rest of the Appalachians and Rockies will be at their best.
  • Late October The West Coast states and a small band of central states reach their peak now.
  • November The Southern states are the last to see their leaves peak.

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