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Turkey Quake: A magnitude 5.9 earthquake killed two people and injured 79 in northwest Turkey yesterday.

Light Pollution: The chess game between U.S. border agents and smugglers is polluting the night sky, making it hard for astronomers to star gaze.

Noodling in Texas: Hand fishing, or noodling, for catfish is illegal in Texas. Critics say the practice could decimate catfish populations. But state lawmakers on Thursday passed a bill to legalize hand fishing.

Judgement Day: Just a friendly reminder that the world is ending tomorrow (one man has predicted). In the meantime, enjoy these award-winning photos of the night sky while you still can. [Related: What Will the Weather Be Like on Judgment Day? ]

CDC's Zombie Plan: To raise awareness for disaster preparedness for the upcoming hurricane season, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued its first official instructions on coping with a zombie apocalypse. [Related: Hurricane Season Forecast to Be Above Average ]

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