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Our Daily Planet: California's Drought Ends and Japan Aftershocks

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Drought is Over: California Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to announce that the state's drought is no more, due to a winter of downpours and rising reservoir levels.

Dying Devils: Australian scientists are trying to drum up public support for the Tasmanian Devil, which is facing extinction due to a deadly infectious cancer.

South Georgia Twisters: The cleanup is under way in South Georgia, where three tornadoes touched down over the weekend. [Related: Deadly Dixie: Tornado Alley's Lethal Neighbor ]

Virus Eater: A new virus that attacks other viruses was found in the extremely salty Organic Lake in eastern Antarctica.

Aftershocks Continue: Another aftershock shook Honshu, Japan, today. The magnitude 6.3 aftershock struck near the epicenter of the deadly magnitude 9.0 quake. [Related: Hundreds of Aftershocks: Will Japan Ever Stop Shaking? ]

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