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Our Daily Planet: Chile Earthquake and Minnesota's New Baby Camel

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Chile Quake: A magnitude-5.3 earthquake hit central Chile yesterday. No damage or injuries were reported.

Vanuatu Quake: A magnitude-6.5 earthquake hit the nation of Vanuatu, which lies along the Pacific Ring of Fire. There were no reports of injuries and a tsunami warning was not issued.

Tsunami Magnet: Crescent City, California, has a reputation as one of the nation's most susceptible spots when it comes to tsunamis. Several factors, including an underwater ridge offshore , helped the recent tsunami destroy the city's harbor.

Lightning Rod Cities: The Weather Channel counts down the top five cities with the most lightning strikes.

Hump Day: Yesterday, a one-week old camel went on exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo. [World's Cutest Baby Wild Animals]

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