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Our Daily Planet: Return of the Buzzards and Hawaii Tsunami Cleanup

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Return of the Buzzards: In an annual tradition, the first buzzard of the year was spotted at 8:28 a.m. in Hinckley, Ohio, followed by dozens more. That's a sign that spring is near, say locals.

Bear Relocated: Having a bear hibernate and give birth under the deck of a high-end vacation home isn't the best way to attract guests. So biologists moved the momma bear and her cubs to a custom-built, camo-covered den with wall-to-wall straw on a ridge overlooking a lake.

Flood Fears: Despite heavy rain, the threat of major flooding in northern New Jersey has waned. The Ohio River is also rapidly receding. [Related: Flood Watch: Where Did All This Water Come From?]

Whale Shark Tagged: For the first time, a whale shark has been satellite-tagged. Scientists will follow the shark, tagged off the coast of India, on its migration.

Tsunami Cleanup: The South Kona reef in Hawaii was hit hard by the tsunami. Scuba divers are working to remove the debris littered throughout the water. [In Images: Midway Atoll Socked by Japan Tsunami ]

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