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Our Daily Planet: Philly Flower Show and Kilauea Tourism

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Flower Show: Stop and smell the exotic flowers this week at the 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show, which runs through Sunday.

Breeding Expert Dies: JoGayle Howard, a National Zoo scientist known as the "Sperm Queen" because of her ability to breed clouded leopards, giant pandas and other endangered species in captivity, recently passed away.

Southern Storms: Menacing storms whipped through Texas yesterday, and a funnel cloud was caught on video. The severe weather continued this morning with strong winds, rain and tornado warnings and watches in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Dam Project Resumes: Chinese officials plan to dam the nation's last free-flowing river in a remote canyon that is home to almost as many species of plants as is found in the whole of the United States.

Kilaueu Tourism: Lava is not the only thing exploding on Hawaii's Mount Kilauea. Tourism at the volcano is booming as it fountains lava from a new fissure vent. [Related: In Images: Hawaii's Mount Kilauea's Erupts .]

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