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Our Daily Planet: Bumblebee Decline and Alaska's Petroleum Battle

Each weekday morning, OurAmazingPlanet takes the pulse of the Earth, reporting on natural phenomena and exploration news from around the globe.

Bumblebee Decline: Four bumblebee species may be as good as gone, according to a new study.

Australian Floods: Video footage shows the devastation of the flooding in Australia, which was caused by a strong La Nina and monsoonal winds (opens in new tab). As if the flooding wasn't bad enough, the waters are also crawling with crocodiles and snakes.

Sue the State: The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that anyone can sue the state if they believe it's acting in a way that harms the environment.

Alaska's Petroleum Battle: You've probably heard of ANWR, Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and the battle over whether or not to drill for oil there. But there's another battle brewing nearby in public land called the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.

Brave Baby Penguin: At a zoo in Germany, one little baby penguin decided to a take stroll -- right through a lion's den.

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