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Image Album: A Medieval Knight's Kin?

Ancient Tomb

skeletons being unearthed at an excavation of a medieval knight's tomb

(Image credit: Headland Archaeology)

In March 2013, University of Edinburgh archaeologists on hand at a construction site in Edinburgh, Scotland unearthed what may be a medieval knight's burial site.


The headstone of a medieval knight unearthed in Scotland

(Image credit: Headland Archaeology/ Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation )

The skeleton was found with a slab engraved with images of a calvary and sword, symbols typically associated with nobility. The markings suggested the grave belonged to a medieval knight.

Excavations continuing

burial crypt unearthed under a parking lot in Edinburgh

(Image credit: Headland Archaeology)

As the excavations continued, archaeologists found seven other complete skeletons and one partial skeleton behind a wall.

Family crypt

Skeletons were unearthed near what may be a knight's tomb in Edinburgh

(Image credit: Headland Archaeology)

The discovery may be a family burial crypt for the knight's relatives.

Several people

skeletons unearthed in an Edinburgh parking lot

(Image credit: Headland Archaeology)

It's possible the team will unearth even more skeletons as excavations continue.

Woman and infant

Skeletal remains unearthed in an Edinburgh parking lot

(Image credit: Headland Archaeology)

Among the finds were an adult female and an infant skeleton.

Historic site

More skeletons unearthed at the site of a Medieval knight's tomb

(Image credit: Headland Archaeology)

Though the site is now a parking lot, archaeologists expected to find historic artifacts: the site was once a 13th century Blackfriars monastery, then a series of high-schools in the 16th and 17th century.

Parking lots

skeletal remains found near a medieval knight's tomb

(Image credit: Headland Archaeology)

Parking lots are rich troves for archaeologistsl: a medieval church was found buried beneath one, and researchers found the remains of King Richard III underneath another.

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