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Wanted: Stonehenge Druid-in-Chief

Stonehenge sunset with sun halo
Sunset over Stonehenge. (Image credit: MPanchenko, Shutterstock)

Attention Stonehenge enthusiasts: there's a job opening at the mysterious stone monument, and a better opportunity may not arise for the next 5,000 years.

English Heritage, the organization that oversees Stonehenge as well as 420 other historic properties around Britain, is seeking a "dynamic and inspirational leader"  who can "take the Stonehenge visitor experience forward," according to a job posting on English Heritage's website.  The new manager will oversee efforts on a new visitor center and coordinate summer solstice activities. The job pays £65,000 ($99,229).

The Wiltshire, England megaliths were raised nearly 5,000 years ago, but exactly why has remained an enduring mystery.  Applicants should apply for the position by May 5, ABC News reported.

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