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Rare Wild Bear Video Captured by 'Invisible' Camera
These easily startled black bears were captured with the BBC's Magi-Cam.
Credit: BBC.

It takes a certain level of creativity to capture those images of wildlife that we all know and love.  In an attempt to capture footage of American black bears, the BBC has developed the Magi-Cam, which uses a remote to control a camera camouflaged with mirrors. 

The mirrors reflect the surrounding plant life so that nothing looks out of the ordinary to the bears when they are in the camera’s vicinity.

Magi-Cam also has the advantage of movement, roving around the forest on caterpillar-tracks. According to a report from Treehugger, it can follow the animals around while still helping keep some space between animals being watched and the humans doing the watching.

As this newest addition to the BBC’s arsenal of disguised cameras has managed to capture the shy and easily startled black bear, it is a safe bet that it can be used to get even more astounding footage of animals the world over.

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