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Largest Giraffe Relative Found
virtual sivatherium giganteum
January 13th, 2016
Giraffes are tall creatures, but they're not as large as their extinct relatives, Sivatherium giganteum, a new study finds.
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Fossilized Eyeballs Reveal Crustacean Had Incredibly Complex Sight
Arthropod eyes
January 22nd, 2016
A mysterious 160-million-year-old crustacean had incredibly complex eyes similar to those of modern arthropods, a new study finds.
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122-Foot Titanosaur: Staggeringly Big Dino Barely Fits into Museum
titanosaur fossils
January 14th, 2016
An incredibly long-necked dinosaur, with leg bones the size of couches, is so massive that it has invaded not one, but two rooms at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
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Images: Bizarre, Primordial Sea Creatures Dominated the Ediacaran Era
rangeomorph reconstruction
January 12th, 2016
During the Ediacaran period, about 635 million to 541 million years ago, oxygen was sparse, the oceans were murky and marine organisms ate by absorbing nutrients floating around in the water.
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Digging Up Dinosaurs: 5 Trends That Will Be Bigger Than T. Rex
Feathered dino
December 31st, 2015
This year, paleontologists made headlines with news of incredible dinosaur findings the world over, and they expect 2016 will hold just as many surprises, scientists told Live Science.
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Mini T. Rex: 'Welsh Dragon' May Be Earliest Jurassic Dinosaur
jurassic theropod
January 20th, 2016
Two brothers hunting for ichthyosaur fossils along the coast of the United Kingdom came across something far more astounding: The bones of what may be the earliest known dinosaur from the Jurassic period in the U.K., and possibly even the world.
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Photos: Enormous Titanosaur Invades New York Museum
titanosaur fossils
January 14th, 2016
The cast of an enormous titanosaur skeleton will go on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City on Friday.
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Sticky Amber Preserved Dinosaur-Age Insects for Millions of Years
Mantis in amber
January 8th, 2016
During the age of the dinosaurs, three tiny mantises became engulfed in glops of sticky amber and stayed there, preserved, until researchers discovered the entombed critters millions of years later.
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