Bible Inscribed By Einstein Sold At Auction
Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna in 1921
Credit: public domain

A Bible inscribed by Albert Einstein was sold at an auction in New York City for $68,500 on Tuesday (June 25), though the buyer's name was not disclosed.

In 1932, Albert Einstein gave the gift to a woman named Harriet Hamilton, who was a friend of his wife Elsa Einstein. On the front page, the physics genius wrote a German note suggesting that the Bible was a source of great wisdom and consolation and should be read frequently, according to Bonham's, which auctioned the Bible.

Einstein's religious beliefs have fueled intense speculation over the years. Though he was quite devout in childhood, he later disavowed allegiance to any organized religion and subscribed to a pantheist view of a God that is part of everything in Nature, but uninvolved in the everyday affairs of men. After the Holocaust, he wrote to the philosopher Eric Gutkind that the Bible was simply a collection of "primitive legends" that are honorable but ultimately childish.

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