Photos: A Walk Through Israel's Old Jaffa

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Boats at the old Jaffa port

Credit: Douglas Main

Jaffa has been an important portside city in what is now Israel since the Bronze Age, and was the scene of various stories from the Bible.

Jonah, of "Jonah and the Whale" fame, began his journey here, swallowed by the whale. This was also the site where St. Peter began to preach to Gentiles, according to the Bible. It was also here where the cedars of Lebanon for Solomon's Temple were received.

Jaffa is blessed with a deep port which has allowed the city to thrive since pre-biblical times. The harbor has been in use for nearly three millennia, and may be the oldest continuously used port in the world. It is now used mostly for recreational purposes, although it is home to a few small fishing vessels.    Less «
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