Emerald Isle: A Photo Tour of Ireland

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The Emerald Isle

Credit: Lukasz Pajor | Shutterstock
Ancient, rough-cut stones jut stoically from rolling hills flecked with sheep where the skeletons of old villages might lie buried under the peat. Gulls…Read More »

cry above breaking waves crashing on curious stone causeways that march into the sea. The sun glints off a million blades of green grass, dimpled by more than a few shamrocks. This is Ireland, the Emerald Isle.

Nicknamed in reference to its emerald green fields and rolling landscape, Ireland is the third largest island in Europe, and the twenty-second largest island in the world. By those standards Ireland is a small nation, but despite its size, Irish culture exerts a disproportionately large influence on the rest of the world. Ireland is a land rich in heart and spirit.

And at no other time is the spirit of Ireland more apparent than on Saint Patrick's Day. Celebrated every March 17 in honor of Ireland's patron saint, millions in Ireland and around the world celebrate Irish culture with parades, celebration and perhaps more than a few pints of beer.

(This image shows the Irish countryside on the Dingle peninsula, the northernmost peninsula in County Kerry in the southwest of Ireland.)

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