Photos: Contest Showcases Night Sky Sparkle

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Photo Contest Alps

Credit: Thomas Kurat. Courtesy of TWAN (

"Alps at Night" by Thomas Kurat ( First prize in the Against the Light category. The starry sky above this misty Alpine landscape, centered…Read More »

around light-invaded Lake Traunsee in Austria, shows the fight between increasing light pollution and the natural dark skies.

The photo was a contestant in the second International Earth and Sky Photo Contest , run by The World at Night (TWAN), an organization dedicated to night sky photography. The winning photographs showcase the beauty of the nightly display over our planet, and reveal the ever-encroaching danger of light pollution, which blots out stars and planets. The two categories for contest photos were Against the Lights, for photos that reflect light pollution troubles, and Beauty of the Night Sky, for photos that highlight truly dark-sky views. Click through to see all the stunning winners of this year's contest.

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