Real or Fake? 8 Bizarre Hybrid Animals

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Polar-Grizzly Mix

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What happens when you cross a polar bear with a grizzly bear? Turns out, the babies sport a mix of features, such as partially hollow hairs. This mating…Read More »

story began in 2004 when a female brown bear gave birth to two brown-polar bear hybrids at the Osnabruck Zoo in Germany. The cubs were transported to another zoo to see what would happen if they were raised without the intervening of either their polar-bear or grizzly-bear parents. When scientists examined the offspring, they found the bears had long necks and visible tails similar to polar bears and small shoulder humps like brown bears. Some features showed a mix between the parents: For instance, the soles of the hybrids' feet were partly covered in hair. (Polar bears have hair-covered feet while grizzlies have hairless soles.) And the hair on the hybrids' back was hollow, but with smaller hollow regions than in hair of polar bears. The male hybrid, however, turned out to be sterile. The results were published in 2009 in the journal Der Zoologische Garten.   Less «
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