Nicola Mudge

Nicola Mudge

Freelance Writer

Nicola Mudge is an occasional reviewer for Live Science, specializing in running shoes and other outdoor fitness gear. As a mature (over-60s) fitness enthusiast, PBs are not her main focus, but rather Nicola's driving forces are being out in nature and staying as fit and active as possible.

She enjoys home workouts to improve her strength and overall fitness, hoping to improve her running efficiency. In recent years, she has taken to competing in triathlons, as these events combine her main interests (cycling, running and swimming). She finds the camaraderie at the events for novices is encouraging and heartwarming. Local running from home is her mainstay.

Mental health awareness has always been a key motivation for Nicola in keeping fit and well. Since her late 50s, Nicola has planned and undertaken several solo bike-packing cycle journeys with her tent and sleeping bag. Being outside is key to her sense of wellbeing and adventure is an added bonus along the way.

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