Brent Brock

Wildlife Conservation Society

Brock is the Northern Rockies Program Lead at the Wildlife Conservation Society. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife biology in 1985 and a Master of Science degree in rangeland ecology in 1997 at Kansas State University. He works part-time as a landscape and spatial ecologist for the Wildlife Conservation Society and spends the remainder of his professional time as owner and operator of HoloScene Wildlife Services, LLC, as a private wildlife consultant. He has 30+ years experience focused on applying GIS and spatial analysis in the fields of ecology and conservation science. His work has focused on everything from cockroaches and cicadas to bison and grizzly bears. For the past decade, much of his focus has been on large landscape wildlife connectivity and developing advanced tools to improve land use planning to minimize the impact of rural sprawl on wildlife. He is dedicated to protecting and restoring one of the most biologically intact ecosystems in North America. His current focus is on developing innovative solutions for preserving working lands and improving stewardship for wildlife they contain in the face of increasing threats from rapidly growing human population in the region.

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