Photos: 'Smart' Garden Remodels Itself Based on People's Moods

Futuristic Garden

Twitter-Reactive Garden

(Image credit: University of Lincoln)

Researchers at the University of Lincoln, in the United Kingdom, have designed a high-tech "smart" garden that can change the way it looks, depending on the reactions of people on Twitter. The experimental garden, part of the STAN (Science Technology Architecture Networks) project, which aims to explore how architecture can reflect human emotions.

Here are more photos of the futuristic garden.

High-Tech Oasis

High-Tech Garden Can Reflect Human Emotions

(Image credit: University of Lincoln)

The garden's raw steel structure can move to reflect people's emotions, as interpreted by their tweets.

Movable Landscape

High-Tech Garden's Mechanical Landscape

(Image credit: University of Lincoln)

Specially designed software translates Twitter updates into movements for the mechanical landscape.

Urban Garden

"Smart" Garden Can Remodel Itself

(Image credit: University of Lincoln)

The experimental, Twitter-reactive garden debuted at a horticultural event, called Garden Up, in Sheffield, England, in June 2014.

Inspiring Future Architecture

"Smart" Garden Could Inspire Future Architecture

(Image credit: University of Lincoln)

The University of Lincoln's experimental garden could inspire future "smart" buildings that can remodel themselves to reflect people's emotional states.

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