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Obesity Before Pregnancy: Rates By State

A doctor checks a pregnant woman's heart rate with a stethoscope.
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A new report looks at the percentage of women who were in 36 states and Washington D.C obese before becoming pregnant. The report uses information from birth certificates in 2011, which list how much the mother weighed when she became pregnant. Here are the rates by state, from lowest to highest:

Utah: 18.0 percent

Colorado: 18.8 percent

District of Columbia: 20.3 percent

New York: 20.4 percent

Nevada; 21.1percent

California: 21.6 percent

Idaho: 21.7 percent

Florida: 21.8 percent

Wyoming: 22.1 percent

New Hampshire: 22.6 percent

Montana: 22.9 percent

Pennsylvania: 22.9 percent

South Dakota: 23.2 percent

Vermont: 23.2 percent

Texas: 23.3 percent

Oregon: 23.4 percent

Nebraska: 23.5 percent

Kansas: 23.7 percent

Maryland: 23.7 percent

Illinois: 24.1 percent

Tennessee: 24.3 percent

Missouri: 24.4 percent

North Carolina: 24.4 percent

Delaware: 24.7 percent

Washington: 24.7 percent

Iowa: 24.8 percent

New Mexico: 24.8 percent

Ohio: 24.8 percent

Oklahoma: 25.4 percent

Indiana: 25.7 percent

Michigan: 25.9 percent

Louisiana: 27.2 percent

Georgia: 27.3 percent

Kentucky: 27.4 percent

Wisconsin 27.8 percent

North Dakota: 28.5 percent

South Carolina: 28.6 percent