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Images of Underwater Photo Contest Winners

Best Overall


: Two gobies, MarsaAlam, Egypt. Photographer: Tobias Friedrich, Germany.

Macro 1st Place


: Pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti). Photographer: Michael Gallagher, United Kingdom.

Macro 2nd Place:


(Image credit: Jordi Benitez, Spain.)

Nudibranch (Cratena peregrina). Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain. Photographer: Jordi Benitez, Spain.

Macro 3rd Place


: Nudibranchand mantis shrimp, Serayabeach, Bali, Indonesia. Photographer: Erika Antoniazzo, Malaysia.

Wide-angle 1st Place


: Mating cuttlefish, Oosterschelde, Holland. Photographer: Luc Rooman, Belgiu.

Wide-angle 2nd Place


: Sting ray and cardinal fish Mogan, Gran Canaria, Spain. Photographer: David Barrio Colongues, Spain.

Wide-angle 3rd Place


: Barracuda, Sudanese Red Sea. Photographer: Jackie Campbell, Ireland.

Fish or Marine Animal Portrait 1st Place


: Jellyfish, Lake Worth Lagoon, Riviera Beach, Florida. Photographer: Steven Kovacs, Florida.

Fish or Marine Animal Portrait 2nd Place


: Web Burrfish (Chilomycterus antillarum) Lake Worth Lagoon, Riviera Beach, Florida. Photographer: Susan Mears, Florida.

Fish or Marine Animal Portrait 3rd Place:


Frog at the surface of a lake, Belgium. Photographer: Luc Rooman, Belgium.

Best Student Entry


: Orange spotted filefish (Oxymonacanthus longirostris), YasawasIslands, Fiji. Photographer: Laura Rock, Florida.

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