Our Daily Planet: Super Bowl Storm and a Yasi Baby Born

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Yasi Baby: Some good news from Australia: A mother gave birth inside a packed evacuation center. Akiko Pruss gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and no, she didn't name her daughter Yasi. [Related: Cylcone Yasi Pounds Flood-Ravaged Australia .]

China Drought: A severe drought in northern China has damaged the winter wheat crop, and could cause food prices to rise.

Super Bowl Storm: Good thing the Super Bowl is played in a domed stadium this year. The Dallas area got a winter blast of snow and freezing rain overnight. [Related: Huge Groundhog Day Winter Storm Sets Records .]

Grand Canyon: Shhh!: The National Park Service wants more peace and quiet at the Grand Canyon. That could mean a no-fly zone over the park. [Related: Top 10 Most Visited National Parks.]

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