Wi-Fi Donkeys Carry Internet Access on Park Trails

It may be fun to check out life in the first century, but not if it means you can't Tweet about it. Not to worry: An Israeli park meant to recreate life in Biblical times is now offering Wi-Fi hotspots, carried by donkeys, for tourists who want to Tweet, Facebook, Instagram or otherwise share about their visit. 

"We're mixing this ancient vehicle and the newest gadget to provide [Internet] in the middle of nowhere," the park's general manager, Menachem Goldberg, told Time magazine's Techland section.

Kfar Kedem, which means "Village of Yore," is supposed to be a step back in time to the first and second centuries. It features period buildings and dress, the Times of Israel reported. Park visitors can learn to ride donkeys, milk goats, or make bread, goat cheese, olive oil and wine by hand, Time reported. 

Visitors began asking for wireless Internet access, however, because they wanted to post photos and videos from Kfar Kedem to their friends back home. Park managers hit upon the idea of tucking Wi-Fi routers into the saddles of their donkeys. Each of the new, hooved Wi-Fi hotspots can support five to seven Web surfers who stand near the donkey, according to Time. 

The park has five router-carrying donkeys, the Times of Israel reported Aug. 20. Goldberg will wait to see if visitors' responses before deciding to add more.

Sources: TimeTimes of Israel

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