The Iditarod in Photos: Racing Alaska's Wilderness

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The Last Great Race

Credit: 2007 Iditarod start image via Shutterstock

Dog teams strain at harnesses in anticipation. Yips and barks mingle with a crowd of human voices hemming in contestants that line the race way expectantly.…Read More »

Breath steams like smoke in the cold and a feeling of electricity pulses through the air.

It is the first Saturday of March in Willow, Alaska, the ceremonial starting place and date of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Nicknamed the "Last Great Race," the Iditarod pits man and dog against the harsh but beautiful winter landscape of the Alaskan wilderness.

Begun officially in 1973 as a way to preserve the state's vanishing sled-dog heritage, the Iditarod has reinvigorated the sport and grown into a widely followed event far beyond the bounds of Alaska. The race features some of the world's most elite human and canine athletes competing in one of the world's last great wild places.   Less «
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