Up the Backbone: Yellowstone to Yukon

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Yellowstone to Yukon

Credit: Jesse Lewis
The wind hits me in gusts so hard I must brace myself and scramble to take shelter behind nearby boulders. Dazed and numb, I'm amazed to see tiny blips…Read More »

of color all around me. Strangely beautiful wildflowers grasp the talus rock slopes wringing life from the most harsh of environments.

I've been hiking for almost a month along the spine of the Rockies through the Yellowstone to Yukon region of North America, affectionately dubbed the Y2Y. Stretching over 1,988 miles (3,200 kilometers) from Yellowstone to the Yukon and bordered by five U.S. states and two Canadian provinces and territories, the Y2Y landscape is one of the world's last great bastions of wilderness and a refuge to wild creatures.

The intact geographic and biological diversity of this landscape is also a buffer for species to migrate across in response to climate change. This makes conservation of the Y2Y our best hope for healthy North American wildlife populations in the future.   Less «
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