Exploring Wild Jamaica

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The Blue Mountains

Credit: Jesse Lewis.

When most people imagine Jamaica they think of tropical white-sand beaches, swaying palm fronds and the laid-back island culture of the Caribbean. Jamaica…Read More »

lives up to these wonderful clichés, but can also confound them. Traveling deep into the interior of the little-visited eastern part of the island, beaches give way to undulating hills dotted with small villages and coffee farms that patchwork the land like a quilt. As their name suggests, a faint blue haze seems to hang suspended over these rolling ridge tops.

From the air, the Blue Mountains appear to rise up dramatically from the sea. Traveling north over the capital, Kingston, the sprawl of the city trickles away to small villages as you go deeper into the Blue Mountains. Eventually even the outline of villages disappears and all that remains is a lush carpet of hillsides. Underneath this green blanket ancient tree ferns rise from mossy banks, colorful tropical birds dart through sunbeams in the forest, and crystal clear steams trickle down to the sea. Away from the hot, humid air of the lowlands, the air up here is cool and inviting.   Less «
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