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This Viscoelastic Putty Will Swallow Magnets Whole (Sponsored)

Scientific Magnetic Space Putty
(Image credit: Scientific Magnetic Space Putty)

Aside from stealing newspaper ink and collecting lint, ever wonder what Silly Putty was actually supposed to do? Before achieving its status as a classic toy, this non-newtonian fluid was originally developed as a synthetic rubber alternative during World War II. Although it didn’t live up to the Army’s expectations, it eventually made it’s way into serious use on the Apollo 8 mission thanks to its gravity-defying adhesiveness. For such a silly substance, it has a surprising scientific pedigree. Adding magnetism to this list of unexpected qualities, this Space Putty is the latest development in silicone polymer-based playstuff.

Micron-sized iron particles are embedded in this silvery goo, allowing you to make it come alive with the help of a magnet. Retaining all the bounciness and modability of its older sibling, Scientific Magnetic Space Putty is a great time-waster. When you’re not mindlessly rolling it in your hands or using it to pick up small objects, it can double as a handy fridge magnet. Get it now for just $9.99, 60% off the usual price of $24.99.

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