12 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

Put your leftovers to work


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Rather than tossing leftovers, incorporate them into your next meal. Leftover vegetables can be added to a casserole or blended to make soup, the USDA suggests. Leftover or overripe fruit is perfect for making smoothies or baking.

To get more mileage out of your meals, the USDA advises doubling or tripling up on recipe ingredients to make more portions. The extra food can then be divided into individual portions, then placed into meal?sized containers and frozen.

Try meatless Mondays


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To save money on meat and improve your health in the process try having several meatless meals a week. The USDA advises substituting a few meat meals with protein-rich beans and peas. Other savory meat replacements include hearty sweet potatoes or flavor-rich rice pilaf.

"No?cook" meals, such as salads and tacos stuffed with veggies, beans and low-fat cheese, can make meatless meals more enjoyable and feel like a treat rather than a sacrifice.

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