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Patagonia Expedition in Pictures

Patagonia Mountains


(Image credit: Catherine Dougnac/University of Chile.)

A research team from the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Quaternary Research Center, the Antarctic Chilean Institute and Universidad de Magallanes recently conducted an expedition to Admiralty Sound, located in South America's Tierra del Fuego, to survey the waterway's seal and bird populations.

Patagonia Elephant Seals


(Image credit: Alejandro Vila/Wildlife Conservation Society)

Researchers succeeded in affixing satellite tags to southern elephant seals during the expedition. The tags enable conservationists to follow the movements of these marine mammals via satellite.

Patagonia Ice Ship


(Image credit: Ricardo Matus)

A research vessel steams through the icy waters of Parry Fjord, part of the Admiralty Sound study area.

Patagonia Penguins


(Image credit: Alejandro Vila/Wildlife Conservation Society)

A rookery (or a waddle) of rock-hopper penguins in Admiralty Sound.

Patagonia Scientists Climb


(Image credit: Ricardo Matus)

Researchers Alejandro Vila and Jorge Acevedo scale a sheer face to reach their objective: a nesting colony of black-browed albatross.

Patagonia Albatross


(Image credit: Ricardo Matus)

Two adult black-browed albatrosses tend to a chick. Admiralty Sound contains the world's smallest known colony of black-browed albatross, one of the world's largest flying birds with a wingspan of nearly 8 feet (2.5 meters).

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