Images: Inside the World's Top Physics Labs

People's Choice: 1st Place

(Image credit: Nino Bruno)

In September 2012, nearly 400 photographers toured some of the world's leading physics labs, snapping pictures of detectors, accelerators and other scientific instruments as part of the Particle Physics Photowalk. Forty amazing images to come out of the event were picked as finalists in a photo contest run by the InterAction collaboration. This photo by Nino Bruno took top honors in a public vote for its stark depiction of an access tunnel 1,500 meters underground at the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics' Gran Sasso National Laboratory.

People's Choice: 2nd Place

(Image credit: Enrique Diaz)

The people's choice for 2nd place was Enrique Diaz's colorful side-view of the STAR Detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. The RHIC is now the only particle collider operating in the United States since the Tevatron at Illinois' Fermilab shutdown in 2011.

People's Choice: 3rd Place

(Image credit: Steve Zimic)

The RHIC was also featured in the public's pick for 3rd place. This photograph by Steve Zimic shows the vast tunnel that houses Brookhaven's accelerator.

Judges' Choice: 1st Place

(Image credit: Joseph Paul Boccio)

A team of judges awarded top honors to Joseph Paul Boccio for his close-up of a detector at Italy's Frascati National Laboratory.

Judges' Choice: 2nd Place

(Image credit: Andy White)

Andy White won 2nd place in the judges' choice for this photo showing TRIUMF’s TIGRESS detector, an experiment that images the gamma rays emitted by exotic isotopes as they interact and decay.

Judges' Choice: 3rd Place

(Image credit: Helen Trist)

The judges' 3rd prize went to Helen Trist for her photo titled "Data Symmetry," which was taken at a data storage center at the United Kingdom's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Gran Sasso

(Image credit: Mario Rinaldi)

Another look inside Italy's Gran Sasso National Laboratory, the largest underground laboratory in the world.


(Image credit: Anne-Marie Comte)

This finalist offered a peek inside TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics.


(Image credit: Derek Lee)

Another finalist's entry taken at TRIUMF


(Image credit: Jonathan Benjamin)

The Canadian lab houses the world's largest cyclotron.

Space Tech in the UK

(Image credit: William Palin)

This image was taken at the United Kingdom's Astronomy Technology Centre, based at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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