Best Gooseneck Lamps

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Gooseneck lamps are flexible to give you multiple ways to shine light in the darkest corners of your room. But most are designed to stand on your desk and give you more light as you work, study or read. There are gooseneck lamps designed to sit on the floor and others that clip on your desk instead of sitting on top. Here are some of the best gooseneck lamps. 

Best overall gooseneck lamp

(Image credit: Simple Designs)

Simple Designs Flexible Hose Neck Lamp

The best lamp for your shelf or desk

This basic designed gooseneck lamp sits nicely on a side table, nightstand, or desk. It’s turned on with a flip switch instead of a rotary switch and has a wide hood to help direct light where you need it. It stands 13 inches high including its metal base. The flexible hose-like neck can be twisted and moved to position this lamp in any way or angle you need. It comes in four different colors to match the decor of your room. 

Best clip on gooseneck light

(Image credit: iVict)

iVict Clip on Reading Light

Clip it to any edge

This unique designed gooseneck lamp has a clip at the end instead of a traditional base that clamps on the side of a desk. But it is also large enough to support the weight of the lamp and work as a base to set the iVict reading light on a desk or side table. The lamp itself is a cool circular shape with 24 mini LED lights that have three different brightness settings. This helps keep the glare down as you use the light and reduce eye strain. The light will remember your settings and revert to these when you turn on the lamp again.  

Best floor gooseneck lamp

(Image credit: LEPOWER)

LEPOWER Metal Floor Lamp

Light a bigger space

This gooseneck lamp is designed to sit on your floor and brighten an entire room rather than shine on a small space on your desk. The base features a wobble-free design to keep it upright as kids and pets whisk. The upper part of the neck is adjustable and allows the head of the lamp to rotate a full 360 degrees. It comes in three different finishes to match the decor of your room. A lightbulb isn’t included, but this lamp will support LED bulbs up to 40 watts. Anything brighter than that may cause the lamp to overheat. 

Best dimming gooseneck light

(Image credit: Ominilight)

Ominilight Dimmable Gooseneck Desk Lamp

Simply touch to light it up

This desk lamp dims at your touch making it much easier to use compared to those lamps with buttons and switches. It has three different brightness levels and a sleek design that looks modern and clean with six different color finishes to choose from. The lamp head can rotate all the way around while the flexible gooseneck lets you position it closer or farther from your desk. The circular base evenly distributes the weight of the lamp to make it more sturdy while being used. 

Best task gooseneck light

(Image credit: Black & Decker)

Black and Decker Office Gooseneck Task Light

A smaller light source

This small gooseneck lamp has a smaller lamp head so you can focus light on smaller tasks or use it as a spotlight on a shelf to illuminate fun displays or offer a little extra light. There are three different brightness levels and the flexible neck lets you rotate the lamp head back and forth and side to side in almost a full 360-degree angle. This lamp uses LED bulbs to cut energy use up to 85 percent and weighs less than four pounds. 

Best multi-brightness gooseneck lam

(Image credit: TaoTronics)

TaoTronics LED Gooseneck Lamp

35 different light combinations

This lamp has a single panel LED light that reduces energy use by 75 percent when compared to traditional gooseneck lamps. It has five different light modes and seven brightness levels. This means there are 35 different lighting combos. The light stands under a foot tall, but the flexible neck lets you position the lamp head in order to illuminate the corners of your room or the study materials on your deck. The base of the TaoTronics lamp includes a USB port to charge your electronics. 

Best USB gooseneck lamp

(Image credit: TW Lighting)

TW Lighting IVY LED

A dual purpose desk lamp

This gooseneck lamp from TW lighting includes a USB port in its base where you can charge your cell phone. The LED light has three settings that are changed by touching the three-way switch. The rectangle lamp head shines brightly over your work area. The gooseneck part of this lamp is smooth rather than crimped, but it still adjusts and twists into the position you need. There are several knuckle-type joints in the neck that let you position this lamp in ways traditional gooseneck lamps can’t. The lamp head can be turned and positioned independently from the rest of the lamp. 

Best energy saving gooseneck light

(Image credit: NovoLido)

NovoLido Desk Lamp with Pen Holder

Save energy as you work

This travel-size lamp runs on battery power. It includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery that will keep the light on for 10 continuous hours. It takes three hours to fully charge before you can use it. The lamp’s gooseneck is easy to adjust and position and the base has both a USB port for charging cell phones and a pen holder. You can collapse this lamp small enough to slip into your briefcase, suitcase, or purse to take along on business trips. NovoLido includes a 12-month warranty. 

 Some bright ideas on gooseneck lamps 

The Simple Designs is a traditional gooseneck lamp that sits on your desk or table and brightens your study area. The head twists and pivots to provide light to other areas of your room. The Ominilight is a contemporary design with several settings and brightness and a finish that is sleek and unique.

To give more light to your entire room, we suggest the LEPOWER metal floor lamp. And for business travels the NovoLido desk lamp is small enough to slip into your suitcase and bring along.

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