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Alycia Halladay
Alycia Halladay has been involved in autism research for the past 15 years. After completing a Ph.D. in psychology at Rutgers University, she became a post-doctoral fellow in the university's Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology working with scientists developing the first animal models of autism spectrum disorders. In 2005 she became an associate director of research at the National Alliance for Autism Research, which has since merged with Autism Speaks. Alycia continues to hold and adjunct position at Rutgers University. In September of 2014, Alycia became the first chief science officer of the Autism Science Foundation. As part of the ASF team, she continues her commitment to brain tissue research, research targeting the risk factors for autism spectrum disorders, studies of differences between men and women with autism, and importantly, support of junior level investigators just beginning a career in autism.

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