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Beautiful Balzers: Photos of a Liechtenstein Town

Balzers Today

Valley floor of Balzers

(Image credit: Maria Brunhart-Lupo)

The valley floor of Balzers, Leichtenstein with a new home in the foreground. Newer homes do not survive earthquakes as well as medieval construction, new research finds.

Balzers Castle

Castle Liechtenstein

(Image credit: Maria Brunhart-Lupo)

Castle Gutenberg in Balzers, Liechtenstein has deep foundations visible at the base of the castle walls.

Old Construction in Balzers

Old home in Balzers Leichtenstein

(Image credit: Maria Brunhart-Lupo)

A example of original house construction in Balzers, Liechtenstein. The double doors lead to the lower level where livestock would have originally been kept.

Rhine Valley

Liechtenstein and Switzerland Rhine Valley

(Image credit: Maria Brunhart-Lupo)

A view of the Rhine Valley, with Liechtenstein on the left and Switzerland on the right. Large faults are nearby, but only the Swiss side has been mapped geologically.

Rhine Valley View

Rhine Valley in Leichtenstein and Switzerland

(Image credit: Maria Brunhart-Lupo)

The Rhine Valley is seismically active, with several earthquakes a day that are too gentle to be felt. Occasionally, a larger quake rocks the region.

Castle and Church

Liechtenstein church and castle

(Image credit: Maria Brunhart-Lupo)

Gutenberg Castle and the Church of Saints Nicholas and Martin in Balzers, Liechtenstein.

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