151 People Fit Inside One Soap Bubble

Guinness World Records

A group of 151 adults and children set a new Guinness World Record for the most people inside of a soap bubble but because of a technicality, judges could only officially count 118 participants.

Held at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, Calif., on April 4, the record attempt was held during the museum's annual BubbleFest, a three-week-long exhibition of hands-on bubble activities and presentations. Canadian bubble artist Fan Yang constructed the special system used to create the huge, record-breaking soap bubble.

During the attempt, 151 participants were strategically placed on a special stage. Yang and his daughter Melody and son Deni simultaneously moved a series of pulleys, drawing the massive bubble wand up and around the crowd.

Although the family successfully set a new record for the most people inside of a single soap bubble , they were only credited for fitting a total of 118 people. In order to be counted, every person had to be at least 5 feet tall, according to Guinness World Records guidelines. With 33 children under 5 feet partaking in the attempt, the kids were able to stand inside of the bubble but did not officially count as participants.

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