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Lizard mummy:

A thirsty chameleon that perished during its desperate search for water may no longer be of this world, but its mummy — naturally preserved by India's hot, tropical climate — has intrigued people the world over. That includes those who think it's a hoax.

[Full Story: Cold-Blooded Mummy: How India's Hot Weather Preserved a Reptile]

All lives matter:

Must the money raised to save wildlife always aid the most popular animals? New research suggests that marketing can persuade donors that northern hairy-nosed wombat lives matter too.

[Full Story: Even Ugly Animals Can Win Hearts and Dollars for Conservation]

AI artist:

A programmer used artificial intelligence to create images of dinosaurs that were constructed entirely out of flowers.

[Full Story: Blooming Beasts: Dinosaurs Are Coming Up Roses in AI Artwork]

Glimmering life:

Tiny plankton shimmer under a glowing Milky Way.

[Full Story: Shimmering Sea: Why a Beautiful Blue Glow Lit Up the Coast of Wales]

Strange creature:

A new fossil discovery links a bizarre modern amphibian to bizarre ancient amphibians with toilet-seat heads — and rescues a group of weird Triassic animals from their previous status as an evolutionary dead end.

[Full Story: 200-Million-Year-Old Weird 'Worm' Creature Finally Identified]

Feeding the grasslands:

Every year, thousands of wildebeests drown while trying to cross the Mara River in eastern Africa, but there is a silver lining to their deaths: The wildebeest remains provide essential nutrients to wild animals throughout the Serengeti food web.

[Full Story: Thousands of Decaying Wildebeest Corpses Keep Serengeti Well Fed]

Return of the mummy:

An international team of researchers has reconstructed the face and brain of a 3,500-year-old Egyptian mummy, revealing a unique "packing" embalming treatment.

[Full Story: The Mummy Returns: Egyptian Dignitary's Face and Brain Reconstructed]

Nature's stunning beauty:

The Teton Mountain Range is one of the most dazzling, awe-inspiring natural places still found on the North American continent. Check out these incredible photos of Grand Teton National Park.

[Full Story: In Photos: Take a Tour of Grand Teton National Park]

Heavy cover:

A satellite spied fog filling the Strait of Juan de Fuca in western Washington.

[Full Story: Ghostly Satellite Images Show Thick Fog Snaking into Strait of Juan de Fuca]

Sustainable flight:

Construction of a demonstrator craft is expected to begin in 2019, with initial flight tests the following year.

[Full Story: New High-Speed, Sustainable Helicopter Concept Whirls into Air Show]