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Undersea Wonderland

A hydrothermal vent site in the Gulf of California is like nothing seen before.

[Full Story: 'That Can't Be Real!' Deep-Sea Explorers Find Trippy, Rainbow-Colored Wonderland]

New Imagery from Space

The Event Horizons Telescope has produced its first image, and it's a stunner

[Full Story: IT'S HERE: The First-Ever Close-Up of a Black Hole]

Losing the Ice

Even if humans manage to prevent further global warming, the glaciers will still lose half their volume by 2050.

[Full Story: Glaciers in European Alps Could Disappear by 2100]

Large Scavengers

In the food deserts of the deep ocean, it doesn't take long for scavengers to find a bonanza when it lands.

[Full Story: 'Football-Size 'Bugs' Feast on an Alligator in This Creepy Deep-Sea Video]

Strange Injury

This isn't some kind of special contact lens. It's the result of a painful eye injury.

[Full Story: An Odd Eye Injury Caused a Man's Iris to 'Collapse']

Big Pregnant Snake

Wildlife officials have captured a 17-foot-long (5.1 meters) Burmese python and a mother-to-be in Florida's Big Cypress National Preserve — the longest python ever found in the preserve, which neighbors the Everglades.

[Full Story: Captured 17-Foot-Long Python Was About to Have 73 Babies]

Arachnid Work Out

The realization that giant sea spiders have Swiss cheese-like holes in their exoskeletons has shed light on a decades-old mystery about how underwater creatures living in the polar oceans and deep abysses got so spookily huge.

[Full Story: Here's What Happens When You Put Giant Sea Spiders into Boot Camp]

Lunar Crash

Israel's first moon lander came up just short in its historic touchdown bid this afternoon (April 11).

[Full Story: Israel's Beresheet Spacecraft Crashes Into Moon During Landing Attempt]

Sun Mystery Solved

This strange structure could explain what happens during solar rain.

[Full Story: Fountains of Plasma Rain Might Explain One of the Biggest Mysteries of the Sun]

Top Dogs

The ancient stone circles around Stonehenge and Avebury in England may have all started with the commemoration of a single Neolithic house.

[Full Story: Stone Circles Ringed House That May Have Belonged to the Neolithic 'One Percent']