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Ocean Balloon

Explorers captured a video of this gelatinous creature in a recent dive to the Java Trench in the Indian Ocean.

[Full Story: A Living 'Balloon on a String' Discovered in the Deepest Part of the Indian Ocean ]

History Lost

Today's inferno is not the first time that the Notre Dame Cathedral has been in dire straits.

[Full Story: Revolution, Napoleon and Now Fire: What Paris' Iconic Notre Dame Cathedral Has Endured]

Cali's Beauty

A NASA photographer captured a lush aerial shot of an ephemeral wildflower bloom in the desert..

[Full Story: Orange Lush: California's 'Superbloom' Wows from the Air]

Collection Spots

There's more nuclear fallout trapped in the world's glaciers than anywhere besides disaster sites like Chernobyl, new research finds.

[Full Story: The World's Glaciers Are Sponging Up Loads of Nuclear Fallout, But You Shouldn't Worry — Yet]

Bright Private Parts

Many species of the leggy critters glow under UV light.

[Full Story: Millipede Genitals Glow Different Colors (But Scientists Can't Explain Why)]

Quivering Area

Scientists discover 1.8 million previously undetected earthquakes in the Golden State.

[Full Story: Tiny Earthquakes Shake Southern California Every 3 Minutes]

Canine Snapshot

The re-created, three-dimensional face of a dog that lived 4,500 years ago in Scotland is so realistic, you almost want to reach out and pet its thick fur.

[Full Story: Here's What Scotland's Dogs Looked Like 4,500 Years Ago]

Ominous Signs

Seven dead gray whales have washed up on Northern California beaches in less than two months, and that has researchers concerned.

[Full Story: Why Are So Many Gray Whales Washing Up Dead on California's Coast? ]

Taking the Spotlight

Astronomers studying black hole SagA* have to deal with the weird, frustrating little star that lit up right between Earth and the black hole in 2013.

[Full Story: There's a Tiny, Bright Magnetar Photobombing Our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole]

The Start

Researchers just found evidence of the universe's very first molecule swirling around a dead star in a distant nebula.

[Full Story: Universe’s First Molecule Detected in Space for the First Time Ever]