After Mayan Apocalypse Failure, Believers May Suffer

December 22, 2012 08:43am ET

You might expect the world not ending to be a cause for celebration. But for believers in doomsdays like yesterday's supposed Mayan apocalypse, the continued existence of the planet can be quite traumatic. How will they deal?

Apocalypse Day Arrives

December 21, 2012 02:08pm ET

The countdown clock is at zero and the "end" has arrived. Today is the date the world is supposed to end, according to Mayan apocalypse believers. But it's been awfully quiet so far ... 

People Still Freaking Out Over the Apocalypse

December 20, 2012 11:42am ET

Some people have clearly not been reading our extensive doomsday-debunking coverage. Despite many assurances that the world is not ending Friday, worry and hysteria are occurring

One Day Until Dec. 21

December 20, 2012 10:50am ET

Just one day until nothing happens!

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The Real Mayan Calendar

December 19, 2012 01:25pm ET

The Mayan apocalypse may not be real, but the Mayan calendar is. Ever wonder about the real numbers behind it?

Read The Real Deal: How the Mayan Calendar Works for a full explanation. Next time your friends start telling you the world is going to end on Friday, awe them with your knowledge of the Maya base-20 counting system. 

4 Days 'til Doomsday?

December 17, 2012 04:37pm ET

The countdown has commenced. According to myth and online legend, doomsday is this Friday

Doomsday Survival Pods for Sale

December 17, 2012 04:35pm ET

If you've got a credulous disposition and $48,000 to burn, you may be in the market for a doomsday survival pod. Invented by a farmer in China, these insulated spheres are supposed to protect you in case of apocalypse. Each pod seats 14 -- choose your doomsday companions wisely.

Top 5 Mayan Apocalypse Myths Debunked

December 17, 2012 04:34pm ET

Need quick talking points to explain to doomsday-obsessed friends or online commenters why Dec. 21 will not be the end of the world? Check out Top 5 Mayan Apocalypse Myths Debunked for a quick reality check.  

Talking to Kids About Doomsday

December 13, 2012 06:59pm ET

For kids, Mayan Apocalypse rumors may not be so easy to shake off. Here's how to ease their minds: How to Explain Mayan Doomsday To Your Kids.

A New Doomsday Retreat

December 13, 2012 06:54pm ET

A mountain in Serbia is the new doomsday hotspot, according to news reports. 

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NASA Calms Fears

November 28, 2012 06:40pm ET

NASA held an online forum on Nov. 28 to calm doomsday fears. Researchers with the space agency say they recieve panicked emails about the Mayan apocalypse, including from suicidal teens. 

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France Prepares for Doomsday

November 16, 2012 06:05pm ET

French officials announced in mid-November that a mountain peak thought to be a hotspot for UFO activity by some will be shut to visitors on Dec. 21. Rumor has it that aliens will save the faithful from doom on that day, though French officials expected more journalists to clog the site than believers. 

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