My House Is Deconstructing! | Video

If this [stream of trash rushing by] represents the stream of waste in the US, 40 percent of it is made up of building materials…mostly from demolitions and remodeling, and mostly going into landfills…eventually polluting air, water, and the land.  It’s said that demolishing your house is probably the largest single waste event you’d ever cause. Watching all that valuable stuff get demolished has brought a tear to many-a-contractor’s eye, but if the house has gotta go, where else are all those building materials gonna end up?  Well, people are beginning to discover that a better solution than demolition is deconstruction, where the good stuff is rescued and reused…and deconstruction companies are popping up all over.  There’s one near us that rescues good stuff from homes and offices, then sells it at their warehouse…at fantastic prices!  You can buy doors, cabinets, sinks, flooring, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures…(the list goes on and on)…which is creating a strong distribution network in our community. …And that’s bringing about workshops, training, and green-collar jobs.  Does deconstruction cost more than demolition?  Yup…but the owner gets a tax break to offset those costs.  So… [Jim becomes a balance scale] demolition equals building materials going to the landfill.  Deconstruction equals materials being saved from landfill, sold at low cost to the community, training, jobs…and a tax deduction…[Jim falls through floor]  (muffled) I’m alright!  

credit : Todays Green Minute