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Parents Can Buy 3D-Printed Models of Unborn Fetuses

3D Printer Technologies
A Japanese clinic offers a 3D model of unborn fetuses to proud parents. (Image credit: DigInfo News)

Forget about the embarrassing baby pictures or ultrasound images. Tomorrow's parents can mortify their offspring by proudly pulling out a 3D model of their son or daughter as an unborn fetus.

That unusual keepsake for expectant mothers comes from a joint venture by Fasotec and the Hiroo Ladies Clinic in Tokyo, Japan, according to DigInfo News. A "Bio-Texture" technology processes CT or MRI image scans of the unborn fetus, so that a 3D printer can make a physical model based on the digital information.

3D printers have already helped "print" digital designs of everything from replacement jawbones to working gun parts. In this case, the 3D printing technology builds the model of the fetus and the transparent torso of the mother layer by layer with a special resin.

The service currently costs parents a hefty chunk of change — about $1,250, not including the cost of imaging. But Fasotec wants to expand the range of price options and model sizes so that a young mother could someday carry her unborn fetus model on her keychain or cell phone strap.

Source: DigInfo News via The Verge

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