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09 April 2014, 03:20 PM ET
Xanthan gum helps salad dressing pour easily from the bottle, makes ice cream taste creamier and allows liquid cosmetics to stay blended while on the shelf.
31 March 2014, 04:52 PM ET
Despite their name and appearance, peanuts are not tree nuts like walnuts and pecans — they're part of the legume family of plants, which includes beans, lentils, peas and other familiar foods.
31 March 2014, 04:30 PM ET
Contrary to what some people think, pineapples don't grow on trees — they grow out of the ground, from a leafy plant.
31 March 2014, 04:07 PM ET
Blood sugar, or glucose, is an important source of energy and provides nutrients to your body's organs, muscles and nervous system.
31 March 2014, 01:19 PM ET
Itchy, contagious and in a place you'd rather not mention, jock itch (tinea cruris) is a fungal skin infection that affects the genital region.
27 March 2014, 05:34 PM ET
Peripheral neuropathy (often referred to simply as "neuropathy") refers to any condition that damages or disrupts nerves in the peripheral nervous system.
27 March 2014, 05:08 PM ET
What smells like beer, tastes like carbonated vinegar and looks like something you forgot in the back of the refrigerator? Why, kombucha tea, of course!
25 March 2014, 04:36 PM ET
Ketosis is a temporary physical condition marked by elevated levels of compounds known as ketone bodies in the body's tissues and fluids.
25 March 2014, 03:56 PM ET
Sneezing — or as it's known in the medical community, sternutation — occurs when the respiratory epithelium that lines the nose is irritated.
24 March 2014, 05:15 PM ET
More than two weeks after its strange disappearance, Malaysian officials announced they believe Flight 370 crashed into the sea.
19 March 2014, 03:42 PM ET
It's commonly believed that the ocean is blue because it's reflecting the blue sky. But this is a misconception.
19 March 2014, 02:16 PM ET
In 1929, bacteriologist Alexander Fleming discovered the first true antibiotic, penicillin, ushering in a new age of medicine. Since then, scientists have found dozens of antibiotics, which fight bacteria in a variety of ways.
19 March 2014, 11:53 AM ET
Men might grow a mustache just for extra style points, but the facial hair of the cat has nothing to do with fashion. Whiskers are highly sensitive tactile hairs that grow in ordered patterns on a cat's muzzle, above its eyes, and elsewhere on its body.
19 March 2014, 09:15 AM ET
While celebrities and models may sport pearly white teeth, the smiles of most people are a tad duller. But this shouldn't be too surprising: A number of different things can affect the color of your teeth and turn them that dreaded yellow hue.
18 March 2014, 02:22 PM ET
The discovery of ripples in space-time from the mysterious earliest moments after the Big Bang is not only a "smoking gun" for the universe's rapid expansion but also could have important implications for physics.
13 March 2014, 11:42 AM ET
You've probably heard it all your life: Eating sweets will rot your teeth. But while a diet high in sugar certainly promotes the formation of cavities (as well as other medical problems), sugar itself isn't the real culprit behind tooth decay.
27 February 2014, 04:38 PM ET
Jet lag results from disruptions to the body's "clock" or natural, circadian rhythms. This internal clock — which runs on an average 24.1-hour schedule — controls sleep, wakefulness and a host of other physiological processes.
26 February 2014, 10:53 AM ET
A flex-fuel vehicle (FFV) is a vehicle with an internal combustion engine capable of operating on a mixture of fuels, typically gasoline and ethanol.
25 February 2014, 04:25 PM ET
Diverticulitis, a condition that can cause severe and sudden pain in the abdomen, affects the digestive system.
25 February 2014, 02:10 PM ET
A herpes infection is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV), which comes in two forms: HSV-1, which usually results in oral herpes infections affecting the mouth and lips; and HSV-2, which usually causes genital herpes affecting the genitals and anus.
24 February 2014, 04:56 PM ET
If you think gelato is just the Italian equivalent of ice cream, think again. The frozen treat contains less fat, less air and is served at a higher temperature than conventional ice cream, lending it a more intense, concentrated flavor.
24 February 2014, 04:56 PM ET
The primary motivation behind veganism is to reduce harm to all living creatures. It is "compassion in action," according to the American Vegan Society.
24 February 2014, 03:10 PM ET
There's a reason nipples are considered one of the most erogenous zones of the human body. These sensitive body parts are easily stimulated and easily irritated, and there are many reasons why a person might feel nipple pain.
20 February 2014, 11:16 AM ET
Coffee has both positive and negative effects on the body and mind, but the benefits appear to outweigh the harms for most people.
18 February 2014, 04:42 PM ET
The AMBER alert system — an early warning system that helps police locate abducted children — was developed in 1996 as a collaboration between Dallas-area broadcasters and local police.
14 February 2014, 04:44 PM ET
Imagine yogurt in a drinkable form, and with bubbles. If you can picture that, you've got a decent idea what kefir is.
14 February 2014, 04:17 PM ET
Bursting water pipes are a major concern when winter temperatures drop below freezing. But why do freezing pipes burst?
11 February 2014, 10:06 AM ET
Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, develops when the transparent membrane, or conjunctiva, lining the eyelid and the white part of the eyeball gets inflamed. You can get pink eye from someone else if their bacterial or viral infection passes to you.
11 February 2014, 09:50 AM ET
Compared to relative humidity, dew point is frequently cited as a more accurate way of measuring the humidity and comfort of air, since it is an absolute measurement (unlike relative humidity).
04 February 2014, 05:07 PM ET
Carl Jung's concept of synchronicity can be boiled down to describing "meaningful coincidences."
30 January 2014, 12:39 PM ET
Though the term "communism" can refer to specific political parties, at its core, communism is an ideology of economic equality through the elimination of private property.
30 January 2014, 11:09 AM ET
Although millions of people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Dec. 25, most scholars agree that he wasn't born on that day, or even in the year 1 A.D.