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04 December 2014, 04:04 PM ET
Shallow ocean waters everywhere around Antarctica have warmed steadily for the past 40 years.
04 December 2014, 06:58 AM ET
The most recent major ice age on Earth might have begun with the buildup of ice sheets in Antarctica, researchers say.
03 December 2014, 11:53 PM ET
Weather prediction may become financially self sustainable, but the hunt for climate data lags far behind.
03 December 2014, 10:13 PM ET
As the most profitable fast-food chain in the world, McDonald's has a responsibility to source its palm oil from responsible plantations.
03 December 2014, 02:41 PM ET
A new study shows how volcanoes cook up an eruption from the cold mush of crystals in their underground magma chambers.
03 December 2014, 07:12 AM ET
Scientists have lifted the lid off North America, sharpening their view of the mysterious structures underneath the United States.
03 December 2014, 07:05 AM ET
NASA's Earth Observatory released satellite images of ripplelike clouds that formed when air currents were interrupted by the tall peaks on Amsterdam Island.
02 December 2014, 09:39 PM ET
El Niño is a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean with a global impact on weather patterns.
02 December 2014, 01:46 PM ET
Fossil fuel shares are no longer the "safe bet" they once were.
01 December 2014, 12:40 PM ET
Watch some of the earliest motion picture taken in the Arctic by explorers in the early 20th century, narrated by Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum Curator Genevieve LeMoine.
29 November 2014, 09:28 AM ET
The mellow 2014 Atlantic hurricane season ends Sunday (Nov. 30), marking another year without major hurricanes hitting the Eastern United States.
27 November 2014, 02:00 PM ET
A rock from space is giving scientists the first natural sample of a mysterious mineral that has never been seen before.
27 November 2014, 06:07 AM ET
More than 8,000 shark teeth that date back millions of years have been found on Banks Island, in the Canadian Arctic.
27 November 2014, 02:11 AM ET
Women are taking a leadership role in the global effort to tackle climate change.
27 November 2014, 01:44 AM ET
November 2014 has been a month for the weather record books – but why?
26 November 2014, 01:52 PM ET
Using a 3,000 gallon wave flume, researchers are teasing out the subtle secrets of ocean aerosols.
26 November 2014, 01:32 PM ET
Scientists in California are bringing the ocean into the lab to learn the full impact of sea spray aerosols.
26 November 2014, 06:47 AM ET
Heralded by fiery lava fountains and plumes of poisonous gas, a new lava lake has appeared atop one of Africa's most active volcanoes.
25 November 2014, 07:18 AM ET
From the space rock that killed the dinosaurs to the supervolcanoes that wiped out nearly 90 percent of the world's species, mass extinctions have occurred a handful of times throughout Earth's history. And if humans aren't careful, the planet may be due
24 November 2014, 05:07 PM ET
An underwater robot exploring the deep seas captured the first video footage ever of a creepy-looking anglerfish — a creature that looks so menacing it is sometimes called the "black seadevil."
24 November 2014, 05:03 PM ET
An underwater sub captured rare video footage of a deep-sea anglerfish in the waters of Monterey Bay, California.
24 November 2014, 11:01 AM ET
Antarctica's ice paradox has yet another puzzling layer. Not only is the amount of sea ice increasing each year, but an underwater robot now shows the ice is also much thicker than previously thought, a new study reports.
24 November 2014, 08:54 AM ET
Check out these stunning photos of natural sandstone arches in the American Southwest. These incredible geological formations are a reminder of the power and beauty of nature.
24 November 2014, 07:26 AM ET
A DNA test has confirmed that a lone gray wolf is roaming Arizona, just north of the Grand Canyon, far from its home in the Rockies.
22 November 2014, 11:48 PM ET
As the climate warms, snowstorms are growing more severe.
22 November 2014, 08:56 AM ET
Tuolumne Meadows's broad plain is an oddball in Yosemite's rugged landscape. Geologists say unusual fractures in the local granite explain the striking contrast.
21 November 2014, 02:20 PM ET
The crowded highways of Los Angeles just got a little greener, thanks to a new electric-vehicle program sponsored by the U.S. Air Force.
21 November 2014, 12:10 PM ET
The sun may be partly responsible for lightning strikes on Earth, and scientists think fluctuations in the sun's magnetic field could be used to predict lightning storms weeks in advance.
21 November 2014, 11:30 AM ET
Remains of an ancient settlement have been found on the bottom of the Aegean sea off the small island of Delos.