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20 October 2014, 07:39 AM ET
Inside the temple, archaeologists found humanlike figurines, sacrificed animal remains and potter fragments. Check out these photos of the prehistoric finding.
20 October 2014, 04:05 AM ET
Every eight minutes, one child in the U.S. takes medicine incorrectly because of a mistake on the part of their parents or caregivers, according to a new study.
20 October 2014, 02:43 AM ET
Comet Siding Spring came within just 87,000 miles of the Martian surface at 2:27 p.m. EDT today — about one-third of the distance between Earth and the moon. The comet barreled by at 126,000 mph relative to the Red Planet, NASA officials said.
19 October 2014, 02:34 AM ET
Explaining bizarre lake sounds, discovering new particles and exploring an ancient sundial — just a few of the coolest stories in Science this week.
18 October 2014, 09:18 PM ET
NASA scientist Dr. Michelle L Thaller tells Space.com's @MiriKramer what you need to know about comet Siding Spring's fly-by, its implications for the Red Planet and how humans will be able to observe it. Full Coverage: http://goo.gl/0cnCEb
18 October 2014, 08:13 PM ET
When you’re sick, you want the most effective treatment to help get you back on your feet. But what if that involved bugs?
18 October 2014, 03:20 AM ET
From microscopic creatures to comets in outer space, we have the best photos in Science. Check them out.
17 October 2014, 10:37 PM ET
Crimes against animals are serious, and now the U.S. government is recognizing them as such.
17 October 2014, 08:50 PM ET
Everyone has heard of tuberculosis, but few realize it's an epidemic that's out of control.
17 October 2014, 07:42 PM ET
Entomologist Piotr Naskrecki was taking a nighttime walk in the rainforest in Guyana, when he came across a "Goliath birdeater," possibly the world's largest spider.
17 October 2014, 07:37 PM ET
When a shark is caught for sport, it often dies from its injuries — why are sharks not protected the way other animals are?
17 October 2014, 07:09 PM ET
They have a nasty bite!
17 October 2014, 06:20 PM ET
Imagine a spider as big as a child's forearm that weighs as much as a puppy. That's how huge the South American Goliath birdeater — arguably the world's largest spider — can be.
17 October 2014, 06:06 PM ET
Asparagus contains a stimulating blend of nutrients, making this member of the lily family a fantastic food for your health.
17 October 2014, 05:51 PM ET
A kidney stone is a hard mass that forms in the kidneys from minerals in the urine, and if large enough, can cause serve pain.
17 October 2014, 05:05 PM ET
The top-secret nature of the X-37B missions has sparked a number of conspiracy theories. Here are some ideas about the X-37B's purpose.
17 October 2014, 04:18 PM ET
Properties, sources and uses of the element neon.
17 October 2014, 04:15 PM ET
From the Asian steppes where Cannabis sativa plants first evolved, to prehistoric hunters and gatherers, ancient China, Viking ships and finally the Americas, a new report outlines marijuana's history.
17 October 2014, 03:51 PM ET
Falling down and getting hurt is a big problem for older adults. Now, new research from Australia suggests that the only type of exercise that lowers older adults' risk of falling down is swimming.
17 October 2014, 03:49 PM ET
One in five Americans develops skin cancer over their lifetime, making it the most common form of cancer. Fortunately it is also one of the most preventable, because sun exposure is a major factor in its growth.
17 October 2014, 03:25 PM ET
They have black skin under their striped hair!
17 October 2014, 03:03 PM ET
Live Science caught up with Fabien Cousteau, who spent a month in an undersea lab this past summer.
17 October 2014, 01:50 PM ET
A new kind of solar cell could store electrical energy without any help from traditional batteries, according to a new study.
17 October 2014, 01:20 PM ET
Earth's magnetic field could flip within the next 100 years, a new study suggests.
17 October 2014, 12:30 PM ET
Earthquake science has kept pace with San Francisco's tremendous transformation since the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.
17 October 2014, 12:00 PM ET
The entrants in the 2014 Nikon Small World photography contest offer an intimate look at tiny realms rarely seen outside of a lab
17 October 2014, 11:06 AM ET
Comet Siding Spring will zoom within 87,000 miles of Mars at 2:27 p.m. EDT on Sunday (Oct. 19). Scientists will observe the flyby using the fleet of spacecraft already at Mars, studying the comet and any effects its dust has on the planet's atmosphere.
17 October 2014, 10:00 AM ET
Incredible images from the Oct. 17, 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in California's Santa Cruz mountains.
17 October 2014, 09:28 AM ET
Hidden for more than 90 years beneath the rolling sand dunes of Guadalupe, California, an enormous, plaster sphinx from the 1923 blockbuster movie "The Ten Commandments" has been rediscovered and is now above ground.
17 October 2014, 08:20 AM ET
Oct. 17 marks the 25th anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. The animation shows earthquake waves speed away from the epicenter in the Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Francisco, California.
17 October 2014, 08:01 AM ET
After being buried for more than 90 years beneath the sand dunes of Guadalupe, California, a towering sphinx from a blockbuster film has been uncovered and is being restored.
17 October 2014, 07:24 AM ET
Strange vetulicolians were among the earliest animals on Earth. Now, researchers find an anatomical surprise that puts these creatures in their place on the tree of life.