Science Projects for the Holidays

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Is Christmas too slow in coming? Is it that boring interval between the holiday excitement and the start of school? Why not liven things up with a little fun and interesting science? The following activities are sure to while away some of those holiday doldrums.

What's the best way to keep your Christmas tree fresh?

Everyone knows that you must add water to the reservoir in the base of a Christmas tree. Will adding other household products to the water help keep them fresher longer? This evergreen experiment is suitable for upper elementary or middle school students. Read More »

homemade borax snowflake
You can grow your own snowflake ornaments using common household supplies.
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How to make a crystal snowflake

A crystal is a solid formed by a repeating 3D arrangement of atoms, ions or molecules. Nature’s snowflakes form when tiny droplets of water freeze in clouds. In this science project, you will grow crystal shapes that you can use to decorate your Christmas tree. This experiment can be done solo by upper elementary or middle school students. Younger kids can do this one with help from an older sibling or an adult. Read More »

Candy chromatography

candy, colors, chromatography
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Sugar plums and candy canes, M&Ms and chocolates. These may be a few of your favorite things around the holidays. Have you ever wondered how candy got its color? This experiment in paper chromatography will show you which dyes were used to make the colors on your favorite candies. This one is suitable for high school students. Read More »

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