Let’s say you want to build a skyscraper that exceeds LEED platinum standards…and lets workers inside feel as if they’re sitting on a park bench, feeling the breeze. Well, that’s what the new 33-story Tower At PNC Plaza in Pittsburgh is designed to do. For the façade, the designers are using a double layer of glass, creating a 3-foot cavity that’ll allow fresh air to circulate thru doors and windows. Also, there are green roofs and one of the world’s largest “Sky Gardens,” resulting in 50% less energy consumption than most office buildings. PNC is smart: studies have shown that employees have fewer sick days and are more productive when their environment is open to fresh air. Yeah…we’re kiddin’ about the birdies.

$240 million is committed to build an 800,00 square-foot PNC Plaza Tower that will exceed LEED Platinum standards and feature cool breeze and park-like spaces inside, while sky=gardens grow atop the roof.

Credit: Today's Green Minute

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