: If I say the word “drone,” you probably think of this [boom SFX] but there’s a MUCH more peaceful use for “unmanned aerial surveillance.” See, in Asia, where there’s a big demand for rhino horns. So professional poachers regularly bribe corrupt officials to avoid wildlife rangers. Equipped with night vision, the poachers sneak into wildlife preserves, then they kill the rhinos, cut off their horns, and sell ‘em for a lotta money. (sigh). BUT…the World Wildlife Fund will use “eyes in the skies” to show rangers exactly where the bad guys are before they harm the rhinos. And where did the World Wildlife Fund get the 5 million dollars to set up this high-tech program that protects wildlife? Google.

With an initial $5M grant from Google, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will deploy “unmanned aerial surveillance” drones (UAVs) to search for poachers in Africa and Asia, reporting their positions to rangers. Rhinos will be among the first to benefit.

Credit: Today's Green Minute

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