: These days, power companies are looking for ways to make sustainable electricity from anything that moves (stop it) so why not a tornado? (It’s a twister!) Canadian engineer Louis Michaud has figured out how to make one in what he calls the Atmospheric Vortex Engine, or AVE. Warm air is introduced here, and the difference in temperature between that and the air above creates a controlled tornado…which spins wind turbines below. Michaud says the warm air could come from warm seawater or waste industrial heat. Eventually, he wants to get 200 megawatts from a 300-foot diameter station, but for now he’s working on a 26-foot prototype. Baby steps.

Nobody’s figured out how to harness the awesome energy of a tornado, but Canadian engineer Louis Michaud's Atmospheric Vortex Engine (AVE) will generate electric power from the whirling air mass induced by industrial waste heat mixing with cool air.

Credit: Today's Green Minute

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